Blueprint strives to make technology accessible and useful for those who create communities and promote public welfare. Read on to learn how to apply to be a partner…

What can UW Blueprint do for your organization?

Our teams of talented University of Waterloo students and recent graduates work with you to develop tech-based solutions. UW Blueprint offers this service for free and we can better understand your capacity to pay for any costs after meeting with you.

Our previous partnerships have helped non-profit organizations (NPOs) by building web applications, mobile applications, and analysis tools. Our efforts have helped NPOs by:

  • Automating time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks for the…

The Shoe Project (TSP) provides a platform for the voices of refugee and immigrant women in Canada; empowering them through access to educational workshops and seminars to develop their communication and leadership skills. Through various writing workshops, TSP brings in mentors to assist women with transcribing and developing the story of their journey to a new life in a new country, using a pair of shoes as a powerful metaphor of journey and transformation. At the end of a session, each woman has the opportunity to perform and share their story with the community. TSP shares these stories online, seeking…


The Region of Waterloo Paramedic Services (PSV) is committed to providing excellent patient care and achieving it in the fastest possible time. Starting in January 2020, Blueprint has been building a web and mobile solution to solve some of the problems PSV has been facing.

The Problem

PSV is responsible for monitoring and responding during mass casualty events in Kitchener-Waterloo (KW). Mass casualty events are times when PSV expects to have a spike in casualties. Events like the Homecoming of both the local universities (University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University) and/or the annual St. …

The Pregnancy Centre (KW) is a resource centre that serves local families in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and helps those in need to make healthy and informed relationship and pregnancy decisions. Free pregnancy tests, counselling with social workers, partner programs, post-abortion support, and material resources for children and mothers are just some of the ways they help the community. Since January 2021, UW Blueprint has been working on a central donation platform to manage the Pregnancy Centre’s staff workflow and better support their donors and clients.

The Problem

One of the key services that The Pregnancy Centre (TPC) provides is the facilitation of…

Creating a web application to promote fundraising efforts for the homeless.

Raising the Roof (RtR) is a national leader in providing long-term solutions to end homelessness. Over the past 25 years, the nonprofit has been hosting the annual Toque Campaign to sell toques across Canada. Proceeds are then given to Partner Agencies who work firsthand with individuals experiencing homelessness. Since September 2020, UW Blueprint’s Building Up team has been developing a web platform to support fundraising efforts for RtR’s Toque Campaign.

The Problem

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, events hosted by Raising the Roof were held in-person. Fundraising for their campaign involved…

Blueprint’s team of engineers has grown steadily over the past few terms. We now have over 50 developers working on 8 different projects across the organization.

As Blueprint grows, common pain points faced by developers become more apparent. In response, the Internal Tools team was launched in Fall 2020 with the aim to identify, scope, and implement shared tooling that will solve these common problems, as well as to drive the engineering culture at Blueprint.

Mo code, mo problems

With 8 applications being built concurrently, each at a different stage of the product release process (some receiving post-MVP enhancements, others just getting off the…

Ontario Secondary School Dancefest (OSSDF) has been a registered not-for-profit organization since 2015 and operates with a volunteer Board of Directors. OSSDF’s mission is to provide an educational forum for dance students and dance educators as they develop an appreciation for the art form of dance through collaborative dance creation, performance and workshops.

The Problem

UW Blueprint and OSSDF have a long-lasting, strong relationship that has lasted seven terms. In previous terms, UW Blueprint has worked with OSSDF to produce two apps as part of the same platform. The Android app was used by judges to adjudicate performances in real-time; while the…

A gamified, interactive web application to promote mental health awareness among students.

We are excited to introduce to you the first article of our Project Spotlight series this term!

The Distress Centre Calgary (DCC) is an organization dedicated towards providing crisis support for Calgary and southern Alberta residents. DCC provides various programs to reach all population segments who are in need of help, including a 24 hour crisis line and counselling. The organization has also provided several services for teenagers given the increasing prevalence of mental health issues among this population demographic.

We’ve been working hard to make the recruiting process more transparent and fair over the past few years and we’re excited to share some of that with you today. We started with very adhoc on-the-fly decision making, but we now have a fairly concrete process with clear rubrics and consistent evaluations.

  1. Headcount decisions

First, we figure out how large we want our team. We typically have 5 teams of around 8–10 people (1 project lead, 1 product manager, 2 designers, and 4–6 developers), but the number of teams depends on the number of projects we have scoped out. …

Dedication to creating a lasting social impact within the community is central to the mission of local charity Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region (SVPWR). Over the past two terms, Blueprint has been working on building the tools needed to support their cause.

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